A black shirt with graffiti on it.

OUR LEGACY BRAND Unique Outerwear Since 2005

Jingleheimer Novelty has been in the casual outerwear arena since 2005, slinging our brand “Dezertratz Clothing” around the world. We look forward to a another venture of something even more fun than our first. We want to share and help you self-express through our cleverly phrased gifts. Our products are humorous while offending your closest friends and loved ones with a sarcastic phrase or image.

Delightful Novelty

The Jester and his Dark Angel are the proud purveyors of this delightfully sarcastic novelty shop. 'Live and Let live' is their creed. JingleHeimer novelty promise's to bring you pride and happiness through these awesome products. 

A black t-shirt with a computer screen on it.